Chipaya, 1st EUAV mission in the field: a photo-reportage

20-22 February, 2017 - Oruro Dept., Bolivia

Here’s the photo-reportage of our first mission in the field as EUAidVolunteers within the framework of the project «Qnas Soñi», managed by GVC Bolivia (Gruppo di Volontariato Civile) and Cebem (Centro Boliviano de Estudios Multidisciplinarios), financed by the EU and AICS.

During our visit, we met Chipaya community, introduced ourselves to the local authorities and population, planned next months’ activities as collaborators in the project implementation.

A photo-reportage by Michele Pasquale, EUAV/GVC Communication Officer in Bolivia.

The Italian language version of this reportage is available on the official EUAV portal.

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Kids from the local Primary School «Santa Ana de Chipaya».

Monitoring the «invernaderos», greenhouses producing new cultivations.

The Museum of Chipaya’s History and Culture.

Building located in the village’s central square.

The renovated «albergue», linked to the tourist development project involving the community.

Clemente, Carlo and Alice during the monitoring phase at the community tourism hotel.

The main entrance of the village.

Kids playing in Chipaya’s main square.

Local citizens coming back home at sunset.

Graffiti on a house in front of the bus terminal, made up of just one vehicle.

Rio Lauca. Over the centuries, this river safeguarded the survival of the village.

Glimpse on a «calle», narrow street flooded following hard raining days.

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